Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Rescue Call?

A Rescue Call is just a fun way of saying a consultation. In a Rescue Call with your Virtual Assistant, you'll go over things like:

  • Your business needs and goals.

  • How many hours you'll need your Virtual Assistant a week/month.

  • Prices

  • Your platform preferences.

Basically, getting a feel for one another. Relax, it'll be fun!

Can I meet with or call my Virtual Assistant?

Of course, you can contact us during our business hours. Since we will be working together virtually, video meetings* will be the best way for us to meet. You can call, text, or email us - whichever route is best for you. 

*Please note that all video calls must be scheduled in advance.

Is a Virtual Assistant an employee?

No, we are not employees. Instead, we are freelancers. With freelancers you do not have to pay our taxes, offer us benefits, and you only pay us for however many hours that you may need us. Doesn't that sound lovely?

How will I pay my Virtual Assistant?

Your Virtual Assistant will invoice you the day that you agreed on or once your project is complete. Whichever comes first.


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