• Teri Jackson

Your Guide To Market Research

In my last blog, I helped you to find your ideal client. (If you haven't read my previous blog please click here)

But, what exactly are your ideal client's pain points? What are they struggling with? Market research will help you to find the answers to these questions.

So now that you have gathered your questions, your offer, who your ideal client is, and where you're going to find them; it's time for you to start reaching out to them! This is the fun part, most people are really excited to help out where they can.

You want to go into Facebook or LinkedIn groups (where your ideal clients are), make a post stating that you're conducting market research and state that you would love their help. Don't forget to draw them in with what they will get in return for their valuable time (you know the gift I mentioned in my last blog).

I know you're probably like, "Okay Teri, please help me with a script for this post." Don't worry I have you covered!

When I did my market research my post went a little like this:

I offered them 5 social media templates for their time.

One piece of advice that I want to give you from MY personal experience is to OVERBOOK! Try to book 15-18 people for your interviews because half of the interviewees that seem interested won't respond to your inbox or if they do - they will not book. It's okay, it's life!

Instead of going back and forth with your interviewees about their availability try a free tool like Calendly so that you can send them a link to your calendar. They'll be able to book a date and time that works best for both of you. If they book a Zoom call it will automatically send your interviewee a link to the video call.

Many people don't recommend this but, I also gave my interviewees an option to fill out a questionnaire instead of doing a call. It's more flexible for some because they'll be able to fill out the questionnaire during their downtime. I created the questionnaire on SurveyMonkey.

TIP: Try to be as organized as possible with your market research. Make sure all of your duckies are in a row. Who knows, one of your interviewees may turn into a client.